Cat and Bird portrait

This small 4.5x4.5 acrylic painting of a gray and white cat with a bird on its head is framed in a wide flat red frame, edged in black. It packs a lot of punch for such a small painting. The overall size is 10x10."

Framed Original: $100

Orange Portrait

This acrylic painting of a cut open orange makes a bold impact for something as small as 4.5x4.5". The outside frame size is 10" square, finished in natural pine with blue edges.



Apple portrait

This whimsical portrait of an apple on a checkered stripe is perfect for a spot that needs a dash of color. It makes a bold statement for its 4.5x4.5" size, 10x10 overall. Framing is a yellow-green stain showing the pine grain, with reddish inner and outer edges


Amanda's Roses

This 12"x24" original acrylic painting with a crackled antique finish shows a basket of mixed flowers and berries: roses, carnations, foxglove, tulips, blackberries and strawberries. A butterfly flutters in for a closer look. The image is surrounded with a decorative border and set in a hand-grained double-beveled frame.

$1200.00 framed original painting

This original painting was licensed by Gango Editions for open-edition prints, and has also been licensed for floor mats.

$20.00 12x24 unframed open-edition print

Mixed Vegetables

This 12"x16" original acrylic painting of peppers, squashes and tomatoes has a crackled and antiqued finish and is set in a hand-painted green grained double-beveled frame. The vegetables are nestled in a blue and white bowl which rests on a black and white checkered tabletop.

This painting was licensed to Gango Editions for open-edition prints.

$900.00 original framed painting

There are a limited number of 6"x8" prints available.

$6.00 unframed print


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