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Licensing is arranged through PM Design Group Inc. For Licensing Availability please contact Monica Dietrich at PM Design Group Inc.


Gango Editions 
Portland, OR

This is wholesale publisher of my open-edition prints.To see their current line, go to my artist's page of their on-line wholesale catalog.

For retail, there are many more "out of print" pieces that I stock and that are still available on retail art/print sites. I don't frame most of these because they are available more inexpensively from these on-line framers. Just search under my name to find numerous sites, including the following:

I offer unframed open-edition prints, signed or with a signed label, whatever your preference. I frame, in custom hand-grained frames, my limited-edition prints as well as some of the standard-sized, open-edition prints that were inspired by a verse from the Bible. These are framed with both the verse of Scripture hand-lettered around the frame and faux-graining. Call or email to discuss your options.

Stationery, Paper Products, Gifts, etc.

Legacy Publishing Group

Legacy Publishing Group
Henhouse Designs

Jigsaw Puzzles - Hand-cut Wooden

Jardin Puzzles
Melinda Shebell
76 Circuit Dr.
Stow, MA 01775
(978) 897-3499