Amanda's Roses

This 12"x24" original acrylic painting with a crackled antique finish shows a basket of mixed flowers and berries: roses, carnations, foxglove, tulips, blackberries and strawberries. A butterfly flutters in for a closer look. The image is surrounded with a decorative border and set in a hand-grained double-beveled frame.

$1200.00 framed original painting

This original painting was licensed by Gango Editions for open-edition prints, and has also been licensed for floor mats.

$20.00 12x24 unframed open-edition print

Pansies in a teacup

This 9"x12" acrylic painting of purple and white pansies, all showing their sweet faces to brighten your day, is framed in a 2" double-beveled frame with a green inner edge and a faux-grained outer edge. A crackled finish and oil glaze adds texture and age.


I am the Vine

This painting of a cluster of purple grapes illustrates the verse which surrounds the frame: I am the vine. Ye are the branches. Abide in me and bring forth much fruit.

Framed original acrylic painting with oil glaze


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