Juggling the Stars

Who knows what snowmen do at night when we're not looking! This snowman was published a few years ago by Legacy for its boxed Christmas cards. The 12"x12" original acrylic painting with a crackled finish is set in a 2" green hand-painted faux-grained frame.


One Snowy Christmas Night

This 12"x12" original acrylic painting with an antiquing glaze was published by Legacy as Christmas cards a few years ago. It's a clear starry night with snow, and a child's sled has been left out by the tree. You can see the Christmas tree in the lit window of the Victorian brick house. It is set in a 2" hand-painted faux-grained frame.


Psalm 19

This is self-published limited-edition 8"x10"print of an acrylic painting I have painted in many versions over the years. "Psalm 19 • The heavens are telling the glory of God" surrounds the image of a sheep looking up into the starry heavens with an eyelash moon.

This print can be framed under glass in a 1" painted and grained frame in your choice of colors.


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