cobalt blue

Orange Portrait

This acrylic painting of a cut open orange makes a bold impact for something as small as 4.5x4.5". The outside frame size is 10" square, finished in natural pine with blue edges.



Mixed Vegetables

This 12"x16" original acrylic painting of peppers, squashes and tomatoes has a crackled and antiqued finish and is set in a hand-painted green grained double-beveled frame. The vegetables are nestled in a blue and white bowl which rests on a black and white checkered tabletop.

This painting was licensed to Gango Editions for open-edition prints.

$900.00 original framed painting

There are a limited number of 6"x8" prints available.

$6.00 unframed print

Morning Glories

This 8"x10" origninal acrylic painting with a crackled antique finish show morning glories along a fence, pointing their faces to the sunny blue sky. The 2" frame has a white crackled finsh  with black trim.

$300.00 original

This is also available in a self-published limited-edition print in the same size, which can be framed in a 2" flat frame with your choice of finishes. This image could also be framed with the verse from Psalm 5, "O Lord in the morning will I direct my prayer unto you and will I look up."

$65.00 print framed without lettering

Psalm 19

This 5"x7" original acrylic painting with a crackled finish illustrates the Bilbical verse from Psalm 19: "The heavens declare the glory of God," which is painted around the double-beveled frame. A lamb/sheep looks up at the moon and stars in the night sky.


One Snowy Christmas Night

This 12"x12" original acrylic painting with an antiquing glaze was published by Legacy as Christmas cards a few years ago. It's a clear starry night with snow, and a child's sled has been left out by the tree. You can see the Christmas tree in the lit window of the Victorian brick house. It is set in a 2" hand-painted faux-grained frame.


Psalm 19

This is self-published limited-edition 8"x10"print of an acrylic painting I have painted in many versions over the years. "Psalm 19 • The heavens are telling the glory of God" surrounds the image of a sheep looking up into the starry heavens with an eyelash moon.

This print can be framed under glass in a 1" painted and grained frame in your choice of colors.


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