Cat and Bird portrait

This small 4.5x4.5 acrylic painting of a gray and white cat with a bird on its head is framed in a wide flat red frame, edged in black. It packs a lot of punch for such a small painting. The overall size is 10x10."

Framed Original: $100

Tiger Cat with Bird

This 8"x10" self-published limited edition print of a tiger cat looking at a bird on its back can be framed in a 2" flat frame in the color and finish of your choosing. Or it can be set in a double-beveled frame with the Biblical verse "And lead us not into temptation" around the frame.

$65.00 framed without lettering

$75.00 framed with lettering

Four Cats

This commissioned 16"x20" painting was done from photograph's of the customer's four cats. An fitting quote was painted around the frame and the names of the cats were placed at the bottom. The customer's color scheme directed the outdoor setting. Price for custom portraits of your pet or pets upon request.

Cat and Bird / Lead us not into temptation

This 8"x10" self-published, limited-edition print shows an outdoor scene of a black and white cat with a yellow bird perched on its back. A look of indecision in its eyes, as it stares at the bird. The Biblical verse: Lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil" surrounds the painting.


This print can be framed to include the verse or not.

$65.00 without words, with colored band or fully grained frame

$75.00 with verse

Girl with orange cat

This self-published limited edition 11"x14" print is from my original acrylic painting of a girl with an orange cat hanging from her arms. It is one of a series of half portraits of children. It can be framed in a hand painted flat or double-beveled frame in your choice of colors and graining.


Girl in white with black & white cat

If you are considering commissioning a portrait, this might give you some ideas for compositions.

A young girl in a white dress stands on a red braided rug, holding her tuxedo cat, which is just hanging there staring at the viewer. I have used graining combs to render the door and floor boards and faux graining techniques for the frame as well. Framed original acrylic painting with oil glaze


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